Welcome to the Montana Local Food Challenge!

gardenAre you up to the challenge? For the month of August, Northern Plains Resource Council is challenging you (and ourselves) to eat more local foods, to ask for more local foods in your community, and to help support Montana agriculture in a giant way.

The Montana Local Food Challenge is an opportunity for all of us to:

  • grow the community of local food supporters;
  • have fun and win awesome local food prizes;
  • challenge current buying and eating habits;
  • make a personal commitment to eating locally;
  • learn about the myriad benefits to localizing eating and shopping practices.

Just click “sign up,” fill out the survey, and track your regular progress.

The challenge is simple:

  • eat local food every day
  • participate in weekly challenges
  • report your success
  • win prizes

We have compiled resources to help during the month, including where you can dine out, where to source your local ingredients, and why buying local food matters.  In addition to learning about local foods, you will be supporting our local food system and economy. And you will be showing how much fun, healthy, and delicious it can be to eat local.

What is “Local”?

“Local” is a term that is used loosely, meaning different things to different people. For our purposes, we are defining local food as any Montana product (if the majority of ingredients were grown and processed in Montana and the business is owned in Montana). If you live near a state border, “local” can also include food from the closest bordering state.

Food systems are not defined by borders but by regions. This “Greater Montana Region” definition will serve to help us access more food businesses and think about building our food system on a regional level.